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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Stop Acting.

Everyone acts as if someone else is doing something wrong and that's why everyone is stupid. X is doing Y and so that's why Z is doing so poorly with C. That's bullshit get over yourselves. You aren't better than anyone else. Nobody gives a fuck about you, nor will they ever. They will not hold you while you fuck something up. They won't tell you it's all better. GET OVER YOURSELF. DO IT, OR DO NOT. Don't bitch about why you aren't. Nobody is stopping you, GO FUCKING DO IT OR SHUT UP. You are NOT better than anyone else, you'd take that $20 bill if it were next to you (bribes, just in case you weren't catching on :p).

Recent post from some idiot:

"this planet is decaying from our race and
is a sad place to be imo. We have destroyed what beauty used to be and we
will pay for it in the end.
We kill eachother for the simple pleasure in life, or the stupidest reasons.
We hate and yell for something so inhumanely stupid.

I'd be honored to live the new life."

Who's fault is all of this? Your own. You're willing to sit back and bitch behind a screen (like I'm doing but I'm playing the game while stopping halfway and realizing what is wrong with certain things and I CHANGE THEM.) Do NOT complain without action.


  1. You got a new follower man.
    Nice read, I don't agree totally with you but sorry, I've no time now.
    Good blog by the way :D

  2. Good point, way too many of us don't take the action needed to honestly make a change.

  3. This is a very helpful post, thanks man keep them coming.

  4. great post here. Getting back to the idea of voting. A whole bunch of the people around my city are in an uproar surrounding the fact our current mayor got re-elected. However voter turn out was at an all time low. Go figure. If you want change, step up and fight for it.